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Taxation Services Print

At Mitchell Browne & Associates, we do more than just complete your tax returns.? We assist our clients in minimising their tax liabilities, both now and in the future, by providing a full range of tax compliance and advisory services.

Please select a service from the list below for further information.

Taxation services provided:

Income Tax

Preparation and submission of Income Tax Returns in respect of Sole Traders, Partnerships, Directors and
employees.? We ensure that our clients receive all the allowances and reliefs that they are entitled to.

Corporation Tax

Preparation and submission of your company's corporation tax return based on the results shown in the accounts.
We can also assist in the preparation of the Form 46G (Return of Third party Information).


  • Registration for VAT in a start up situation.
  • Preparation of bi-monthly and annual VAT returns, including the related Annual Return of Trading Details.
  • Advice on what items you can claim VAT back on and what items the Revenue does not allow.
  • Advice on opting for the cash receipts method of accounting for VAT.


Dealing with monthly P30's and the annual P35 and all associated documentation including Forms 12A, P60, P45 and tax credit certificates.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Preparation of CGT computations arising from the disposal of either personal or business assets.? We will ensure that all allowances are fully utilised.

Capital Acquisitions Tax? (CAT)

Dealing with all Gift and Inheritance Tax Returns and Computations.

Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT)

We can offer advice on all aspects of RCT and can provide a comprehensive form filling and submission service.

RCT1, RCT 46, payments cards and year end RCT 35's are just some of the forms required by the Revenue and?can be inspected by them during a Revenue Audit? We can also assist with your application for a C2 if required.

Revenue Audits

  • Review of tax returns selected for audit.
  • Advice on procedure of Revenue Audit.
  • Attendance at meetings with revenue officials and dealing with negotiations and subsequent finalisation of such audits.