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Accounting Links
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1   Link   Revenue
The Revenue Commissioners official website. It provides information and resources for the general public and tax practitioners on all matters relating to Revenue.
2   Link   Revenue On-Line Service
ROS is the Revenue Commissioners interactive internet facility providing business customers with a speedy, secure and cheap method to conduct their business electronically with Revenue.
3   Link   Companies Registration Office (CRO)
The Companies Registration office (CRO) is the authority for the following matters:
Incorporation of new companies and registration of business names;
Receipt and registration of company secretarial documents;
Enforcement of the filing requirements of companies;
Provision of certain information to the public.
4   Link   Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment
The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment is responsible for implementing and developing government policy in the areas of enterprise, employment promotion, trade development the regulation of business and the protection protection of workers.
5   Link   Irish Business and Employers Confederation
The Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) provides a wide range of services to its member businesses and organisations. It is the the umbrella body for Ireland's leading industry groups and associations. It is the national voice voice of Irish business and employers.
6   Link   Irish Small and Medium Enterprise (ISME)
The mission of the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise (ISME) is to guarantee that its members, which are small and medium enterprises in Ireland, have an independent voice.
7   Link   National Employment Rights Authority
The National Employment Rights Authority provides information to employees and employers through its information unit, monitors employment conditions through its labour inspectorate and can enforce compliance and seek redress. Nera covers many aspects of employment rights including Wages, Annual Leave, Working Hours, Redundancy Dismissal and Notice.
8   Link   The Pensions Board
The Pensions Board protects the interests of pension scheme members and encourages pension provision.
9   Link   The Department of Social Welfare
The Department of Social Welfare has responsibility for social welfare services in Ireland. This website contains information on benefits available.
10   Link   The Irish Payroll Association (IPASS)
The Irish Payroll Association (IPASS) is Ireland's premier provider of payroll training, PAYE/PRSI training, VAT training.
11   Link   The Irish Taxation Institute (ITI)
The Irish Taxation Institute (ITI) is the leading representative body for taxation affairs in Ireland. Their membership comprises qualified tax advisors, accountants, barristers, solicitors and other corporate and and business professionals.
12   Link   Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is the government agency responsible for the development and promotion of the indigenous business sector. Their mission is to accelerate the the development of world class irish companies to achieve strong positions in global markets.